Friday, December 2, 2011

Im back to blogging every body

how long i was gone? well who cares i back and rdy to keep posting and posting and posting and what ever.
since i back i gonna let you know i a expert gardener in planting, dont believe me dog? or cat if you a lady lol( XD ) ok then dont believe me i cant take a picture and put it below cause my computer froze on the wizard101 logging in, but it been a very long time.     Plz join this site for more updates and for me to make this better and comment for me to do better posting,

Monday, November 21, 2011

My new blog of Spiral university class

hey guys, i created a new blog that teaches people stuff and i recruiting teachers and stuff for their assignemnts, bday. students will get the bday on the board too!.  wanna be a teacher? send me a request on email;  and follow this link:

 that will lead yo to it. well that all, coneeteera  good bye

Monday, November 14, 2011

Adventure questworld, free realms, wizard101

free realm      

my character on free realm is david sparkcastle. he just begun like mine on  adventure quest world, free realms just amazing, but not better than wizard101. yo can add me if yo want but this how to type in to add me: David SparkCastle.  as yo can see i must confirm it


hey i a level 5 on aqw and doing quests because it help level me up.
it kinda a good game, my friend trevor lioncaller play this game with me especially on free realms.  if yo wanna add me on free realms tell me when to meet and where to meet. his name is 11soulshadowdavid


at last the game of all time
as yo can see here the data of david soulcaster, he  start to continue his gardening and pvp though he not member yet cause he ran out. here the picture of david garden that look like at november  14 6:31 central

 well that all or right now and see yo well this not a show lol

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Facebook and valor?

hi guys. there 2 news. there a new house item valor and here the picture of it in my house


also if yo look below this is what happening of the party of the 100th post party that death wiz wanted to  add me so he  invtied me and i going over there to celebrate
with him 

well that all